Learning is a journey; not a destination



Dear students,
First of all, I´d like to welcome you to my class.
Teaching is very much like acting. It always seems to be the first time. Although I've been teaching for a few years in different language schools, I still feel butterflies in my stomach.In teaching you're never old enough to feel like home. Every year is a risky adventure to experience. This is mainly, at least in my case, because of the great responsability of a good job to do.
Learning is so magical when it is real that spreads on to everybody, even the teacher, but the teacher is a human being, so s/he makes the same mistakes as any other. I'm sure you're very enthusiastic about what you decided to start and I'm convinced communication among us will be easy to get. Never hesitate to talk to me, so I offer you this first opportunity.
In order to get to know you better, I would appreciate you write to me about your aims, your enthusiasm, your feelings, your worries... about this time we'll spend together through the year. And remember: learning is fun and has no limits. YOU CAN!!! Sonriente(watch the video of the two Chinese dancers)
Looking forward to your answer,
PS. Remember to send me a comment